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Saturday, 28 February 2015 00:00

Why job interviews are a two-way street

It's Saturday and as reluctant as Brandon Reviere and myself are to be working away in the office, we both have decided that this is what we needed to do to find the next 'Marketing Eye'.

Brandon is our incredibly talented Art Director in Atlanta and is instrumental in deciding who the two new team members in the Atlanta office are going to be.

We have done a few interviews over the past day, and there are a few things that we both would love to share.

Interviews are a two-way street

If you have taken the time to come to a job interview, be prepared. As much as you want to learn about us, we want to learn about you. "By the questions you ask, you learn more about the company and yourself than about the interviewee," says Brandon Reviere. "You find out what you want in that person and how your company presents itself."
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Friday, 27 February 2015 00:00

Why I am excited about being back in Atlanta

I flew from Australia with one of my closest friends Samantha. We have done this trip many times, but have flown singularly for the past year or so. The trip was awesome as we were able to catch up properly, watch some 'girly' television downloaded on my ipad and have a few giggles. It's what girls do when they get together.
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Tuesday, 24 February 2015 00:00

Why your health is important to your success

Give me all the money in the world and I would return it, stupidly some may say, for a life filled with happiness and health.

I make that gesture in the belief that if you hold the gifts of health and happiness close to your heart, the money will follow.
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The sharks' prey was emitting a nervousness thought impossible before they showed themselves. Beads of sweat popping and streaking. Hands raised to wipe their brow.  Vocal chords faltering. Knees buckling under pressure. That's when the sharks go in for the kill.

That’s the basic principle of a number of business-based television shows, Dragon's DenShark Tank and Next Den Gen. The Sharks comprise of four entrepreneurs, with a combined wealth of somewhere in the billions of dollars who must judge the business presentations of ‘wanna-be’ entrepreneurs.
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Saturday, 21 February 2015 00:00

What Jennifer Lopez can teach us all

I like a good a biography, but to be honest, I wasn't expecting too much from "True Love" by Jennifer Lopez as she isn't exactly my favorite singer/actress/entertainer. 

I don't dislike her, but I feel that she is a bit too stereotypical "famous" for my liking and it has taken away from the talents that she has.

Like all good stories, Jennifer's is a rags to riches tale. In fact, she grew up in the Bronx and now is as far from the Bronx as any one person could be.

I bought her book because it was sitting on the shelf and I had all the other books that I could possibly want to purchase at the airport newsagency already on my shelf. 

I picked it up reluctantly, but was pleasantly surprised as I flicked through page after page. 

What I learned:
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It's no secret that Marketing Eye is on an aggressive growth path. During the past 2 years, there has been a surgence in companies realizing that they need an outsourced marketing department to take their businesses to the next level.

Our positioning in the market, and evidence of high quality work and client successes, has kept us in good stead.
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Tuesday, 17 February 2015 00:00

How to develop the story of your brand

Life is about telling a story. It is about story creation. It is about living like there is no tomorrow. Even when life slows down, when children take a chunk of your patience and when time seems limited, life is there to be loved. Love your children, your family, your friends, work and colleagues and tell stories of how each and every one brings out the best in you.

Your life is your brand. Your business is your brand. And you can direct it in in any way you see fit to deliver your personal message.
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At Marketing Eye, we appreciate and learn from the world around us, particulatly the marketibg world. We are inspired by creative campaigns in our environment by our fellow marketers.

Here are some of the Marketing Eye Melbourne office’s favourite recent marketing campaigns.

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Max Gross started an internship with Marketing Eye in January this year. 

During this time he has worked on a number of things; marketing strategies, market research, social media content calendars, Pinterest and he even designed his own vision board.

He is incredibly enthusiastic and always willing to put up his hand for any task that may need to be done.

Last week a Marketing Manager asked for his assistance in helping a client increase their connections on LinkedIn with people that they could potentially do business with.

The results blew my mind...
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Atlanta Inside Sales Executive Tayler Bridger is a complete rockstar.

Month one of her newly appointed inside sales position in the Marketing Eye Melbourne, Australia office, she has achieved a huge milestone; $128,000 worth of sales. I am thrilled. For years I have been letting sales fall to the wayside because we were not able to get back to all of the leads that came through our website. There simply were not enough hours in the day. But that changed.
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