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Entrepreneurs, managing directors, CEO's, Presidents, CMO's, marketing managers and digital marketing directors are all thinking about how their 2015 marketing strategies are going to be executed - after all it's that time of year.

While most B2B organizations have been fine tuning their marketing strategies for months, other's are only now just scrambling to put one together. At Marketing Eye, December and January is our highest inquiry month predominantly due to so many companies waiting until the last minute to develop their marketing strategies.

It's crazy because by leaving it to the last minute, you are already starting behind the 8-ball and giving your more organized competitors a head start. 

Here are some things that you should be thinking about:

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Marketing agencies have a mix of large and small clients. Some clients are well known throughout the community and even globally, while others are known only in the sectors they represent. But sometimes you see a client stride from industry renown into national and global prominence.

GP Graders is one such client. Their commitment to technology innovation and customer service has just seen the company win the Australian Export Awards.
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Thursday, 04 December 2014 00:00

Why Black Fridays are black days for marketing

Black Friday is an example of marketing gone horribly wrong. To me they seem to bring out the worst in humanity; fights over televisions, people stepping on fellow human beings as they fall just to get to the deal quicker, ugly language and uglier behavior all in the name of a bargain.

After Thanksgiving, a holiday in which life is celebrated, it seems life is once again commoditised, the thanks is forgotten and the giving expected not earned.
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