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Marketing Eye, one of the first marketing consultancy firms to offer small to medium sized businesses a marketing manager for 12-months for as little as $500 per week, confirms that companies that copy, only flatter you.
Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney, Australia, 28 February 2008; Marketing Eye, a leading international marketing consultancy firm, has today announced the launch of a new division providing small to medium sized companies with an in-house graphic designer.
By Shannon Willoughby, business reporter

Jenan Thorne and Daniel Harcombe can't wait to get stuck into MySpace and Facebook to network with their clients.
helenAt the age of 27, Helen Jarman left her job as business development manager for Australian Air Express and started her own logistics business, Infoactiv, in a very competitive and very male-dominated industry. She talks to Amanda Gome about building Infoactiv to turn over $4 million and employ 17, and about the big changes she has been through in her eight years in business.
Dynamic Hearing, a technology and software firm that develops ultra-low power algorithms for hearing aids and headsets, has today released a software design and development package for hearing aid manufacturers called the “Hearing Aid Designer”.
Professor Peter Blamey already recognised for his contribution to the hearing impaired in 2005 when he was awarded the Employee of the Year at the My Business Awards is being recognised internationally at one of Audiology’s most prestigious conferences.
By Victoria Brooks

OZANAM Industries, a special work of the St Vincent de Paul Society that provides meaningful employment for people with a disability, is educating the community about its valuable work through a new multimedia marketing campaign.