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Forget sales - if you don't have a lead to begin with, there won't be a sale in sight. So why do small businesses fail to ignite a frequently flowing stream of leads that they can nurture and turn into a sales?

According to small business marketing expert Mellissah Smith, "Small businesses just don't get into a sales cycle rhythm like their larger counterparts, largely because they don't identify that there is actually the problem with not having a sales cycle."

"Small business owners scream that they want sales, but they don't do anything about it. Simply placing an advertisement or subscribing to adwords
won't do the trick.

"A strategic approach that has a system that runs with or without the firm founder is paramount to ensuring that the business constantly has a steady flow of leads being generated, nurtured and ultimately turned into

Marketing website, MarketingSherpa, recently conducted a report that says 27 percent is the average percentage of business to business inquiries that are qualified and ready for sales.

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