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Professor Peter Blamey already recognised for his contribution to the hearing impaired in 2005 when he was awarded the Employee of the Year at the My Business Awards is being recognised internationally at one of Audiology’s most prestigious conferences.

The Audiology Now conference held annually in the United States is “An experience in knowledge, science and technology for audiologists.” The conference is attended by the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers who exhibit, demonstrate and launch new products in the world of hearing aids.

Professor Blamey known for being the creator of the revolutionary ADRO® technology (Adaptive Dynamic Range Optimization Sound Processor) has dedicated his career to finding solutions for the hearing impaired.

Dr. Elaine Saunders says, “I have been privileged to work with Peter in the area of cochlear implants and hearing aids, and have been deeply impressed with his commitment to the goals of improving hearing and language for children and adults with hearing difficulties.”

Professor Blamey was part of Professor Graeme Clark’s successful Bionic Ear research team at the University of Melbourne where he helped develop the first multi-channel cochlear implant that has restored hearing to thousands of deaf people around the world.

He later co-founded Dynamic Hearing Pty Ltd with CEO Dr. Elaine Saunders in 2002 to commercialize ADRO® (the flagship product). ADRO® is now used in hearing aids and headsets as well as cochlear implants.

Professor Blamey holds the position of Chief Technology Officer with Dynamic Hearing where he continues to strive to find solutions for not only the hearing impaired but also people with normal hearing.

“Peter has made a substantial contribution to science and the international audiological community, and this award from his peers is well deserved.” adds Dr Saunders

The official presentation will be made at the Academy Awards reception on Thursday 19th April, 2007 being held during the Conference.

About Dynamic Hearing

Dynamic Hearing Pty Ltd, provides advanced digital signal processing solutions for personal communication devices as embedded software. All technology developed by Dynamic Hearing is designed to enhance the experience of sound for listeners in any environment, providing them with greater mobility and improved lifestyle.

The firm licenses its technology to international manufacturers of hearing aids, headsets and other personal communication devices, and has a high performance team of audiologists, scientists, software programmers and DSP engineers, led by a business and management team, focused on rapid product development, scientific validation and sound commercial partnership.