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Transform your SEO keywords strategy

When’s the last time you’ve searched on Google and clicked beyond the first 10 websites, or even the first results page? Keywords that are most relevant to a potential customer’s search will lead your business to their vision (or search results page) first.

Every digital-savvy business leader is working hard to climb to the top of Mount Keyword. That’s why you’re here, aren’t you? Let’s begin building your keyword mountain to stand the tallest and most visible. 

The Right Tools
You could utilize handy tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Keywords Elsewhere to determine the most related and top performing keywords for your website. The other option is to build your keyword list and strategize with the words provided. Either way, make sure to build an excel sheet or document to neatly organize all your findings. Decide which category you’d like your website to be ranked for. Then survey your keyword findings and group them together with similar topics or strategies. 

Ask Yourself
To build your keywords list, answer the following questions:
  1. Which key terms do people use to learn about your company?
  2. What keywords about my product or service do you want to highlight?
  3. What needs does your product/service meet? 
  4. Which keywords does your closest competitors rank for?
  5. Where is your current rank? What rank do you want to reach?

Understanding the power of keywords and its influence in your visibility on a search engine will shift your strategies in developing other seemingly minute parts of your business including images and video. Rank your keyword groups and deploy each set within a specific type of content on your website. This categorization technique will help improve your SEO  when picked up by various search engines. Content writing must be strategic and preplanned. Marketing leaders like CEO Mellissah Smith explains why she hires a full-time content writer instead of paying for advertising right here at Marketing Eye.

Which keywords are your most important SEO triggers? Share in the comment section below!

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