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Outside of the box: our $7 PR campaign

Recently, a client shared a sage piece of marketing advice, he said “If you have just $100 left in your advertising budget, your best investment is to use it to travel and share your story with your market face-to-face”. Today Marketing Eye put this advice to the test, with great success for one of our clients – Papa Gusto.

Marketing plans do not have to be intricate to be effective, nor do they to be supported by exorbitant budgets.  We keep it simple and achieve results.  

Today, our client gained the recognition of a magazine, a newspaper and a mention on the most popular local radio station – twice.  This for the cost of $7 of printed stickers.

At Marketing Eye, we’re a little unique: we don’t view opportunities the same way other marketing companies do – and that’s why we are leading the small business market.  We have supported businesses that other marketers didn’t understand and wouldn’t touch.  We’ve successfully promoted products that others have turned their nose up at. 

We see the value where others do not. We look at the box from every angle, and this enables us to work wonders with a budget most could find floating in their car console.

Our client Papa Gusto has a product that is revered around the world: pizza.  What is more is that they make pizza fresh, and speaking from first-hand experience; incredibly tasty food.  The product itself cannot be faulted, and that’s when Marketing Eye came in – to ensure more people were exposed to it.  As they say in sport – there’s nothing wrong with the game, it’s merely a question of getting butts on seats.

Using the product – the pizza and some thorough research, we defined our message; Papa Gusto pizza is the healthiest delivered pizza currently on the market, and they offer an even better alternative; a Take and Bake option

We condensed these facts and Papa Gusto’s contact details on to one eye catching A5 sticker.  The result – the eye-bludging green contrasting with the traditional pizza box was clearly a winner.

Armed with two steaming pizzas and brightly stickered boxes we hit the streets, targeting three media outlets.  Greeting every person with a big smile and a hot lunch opened doors, and on the drive back from the first delivery a familiar voice boomed over the radio “These Papa Gusto pizzas are amazing.  Wish my carwash would give me a free clean.” 

We laughed, yes, they probably should.

So what made our $7 PR campaign work?

1.    We relied on the product.  We value our client’s products and use them as the main selling point, where other marketers are focused on everything around them.  This is best referenced in receiving a goody bag at a film premier loaded with unrelated merchandise.  If we’re selling a pizza restaurant, you’re going to get pizza.
2.    In-person is the most effective route, always.  The effectiveness of a firm handshake and a warm smile will never be replicated in an email or a Tweet. 
3.    Keep it simple.  Adhering to the K.I.S.S. principle, your Public Relations campaign should be basic on all levels, including the execution.  Today, we were successful because people responded to delicious free food at lunchtime. That simple.

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