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I was wrong…and I admit it

ipad1-300x225When ipads first came out… I was against it. I was so against this new piece of technology that I wrote a blog about it. I read the hype and was completely against people reading old fashioned books on a tablet of any kind whilst they were on holidays. I love books and am passionate about them being around long after the ipad has been superceded.

What I didn’t take into account was its many uses.

So, I was wrong… and I admit I have to go back on my previous thoughts and start a fresh relationship with the ipad.

Now, having said that, I have to say that I am madly, deeply in love with the ipad. It has so many uses for me that I can’t imagine life without it.

I no longer need to lag around a heavy PC and instead go to the airport with this small compact device that has everything that I need. From reading the newspaper or pretty much any magazine that I am interested in, to doing presentations to clients and looking super cool and doing seminars where normally participants would be handwriting their notes, but now, instead they can type them straight into the ipad and print them out as they leave. I also use it for general emails and typing – and not only am I completely obsessed with showing this new (or not so new) piece of technology off – I am an ipad evangelist.

I tell all my clients that do presentations that they too should have one and after writing a media release for ipads and tablets useage in the professional services game, am now committed to explaining just how much more cost effective they are than having a PC for your staff to use. Everyone is mobile and if you are not in the cloud right now, you need to be – so there is no better time to update.

The marketing game has changed so much and with new technologies, it can be very hard to keep up. I am inherently not a fan of change, so there always is some kind of push going on with my IT and creative teams trying to get me to ‘get with the times’.

ipads and tablets are here to stay and if you are not using them, then you may be left behind with a lot less money in the bank.

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  • Nathan
    22 Jun 2011

    The Ipad has revolutionized the technological market and has added a new dimension in the business world. Its ease of access and lightweight technology outweighs a conventional laptop and ensures convenience on the move.

    In summary the Ipad is here to stay, and consumers/businesses who are oblivious to its benefits and features are defiantly missing out on a world beyond their own.