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Charters Towers Gets A Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye is next year expanding its business into regional and rural Australia, giving our country counterparts the same advantages as those small businesses in the city.

If you read my blog, then you would know that I grew up in a country town, just outside of Townsville called Charters Towers. Its a township of about 11,000 people and is the heart of Country Music in Queensland.

Known for Venus Battery, Mining, Cattle and Country Music, this quaint little township was once called ‘the world’ in the gold mining boom days.

Late last week, I received a call from a small business in steel supplies that was wanting to focus on marketing and develop a strategy that would double the companies business over the next couple of years.

I have to say, I don’t remember ever being so happy to travel many hours on a plane up to Charters Towers so that I can work with a company that I believe will now set the benchmark for marketing in this township.

Country folk are known for being honest and hardworking. With this company, we will be working closely with them to enter new markets and deliver a service that is unparalleled anywhere else in the region. They will have the same sophistication as their city counterparts but will deliver it in a friendly, casual way that only country folks can.

I am looking forward to my trips to Charters Towers and to rewarding this company that has taken a leap of faith to hire a company like ours to manage their marketing needs.

Watch this space.

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