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America’s Businesses, Always Changing

The American dream, something the world wants and everyone can have…. or well used to be able to have. Times have changed. Little mom and pop places are being replaced with huge corporate businesses like Walmart and Publix. Even little restaurants are falling behind to the national expansions of places like Chili's and LongHorn. They can still be found though, you might just have to look harder than you imagined.

Businesses and restaurants used to be extremely personable. Heck not even just businesses, people used to be more personable than they are today. What happen to block parties? What happen to knowing your neighbors? Is it all bad that we aren’t as closely connected anymore? Is there one major thing that changed the way we interact with each other or was it just something that has developed and we couldn’t stop it?

It’s a funny thing, social media. It was created to bring people closer together. However, some argue that is has had the opposite effect. To have a personal conversation now you don’t even have to be in the same country as the other person. Talking through a screen has become our new normal.

Social media has been good for certain aspects though, both personal and business wise. Personally it allows people to stay in touch with loved ones that have perhaps moved away or maybe you lost contact with old classmates. It allows for much easier contact between people located on opposite sides of the world.

With the world becoming a much smaller place, it is important to be able to operate on an international level when it comes to business. Staying small isn’t really a goal anymore. Growth is key. Social media aids businesses in the way in which they connect to the rest of the world. Whether it’s a consumer, competitor, supplier, or partner.

Social media speeds up the communication process. If a consumer tweets about a complaint, they hear back quicker than ever before. Businesses can use social media to monitor things like that. They can see when someone is unsatisfied or the exact opposite, when they love the product or service they received. Being able to have fast, relevant feedback is something that is so valuable in business today.

So maybe business has changed for the good and bad. Maybe little mom and pop shops are disappearing, but they are being replaced with well connected, better adapted companies who can better serve their customers. The resources that are available today are more unique and advanced than ever before. There are still plenty of opportunities out there for someone in the business world, there might even be more now that the world is at our fingertips.

If you're a small start up business it's time to put your self out there! It may seem intimidating going up against the big players, but that is where Marketing Eye comes in! In the past 12 years, Marketing Eye has worked hard to develop ways in which to work harder, faster and smarter for small businesses. We keep costs low so that you can invest in other areas of your business. We align all marketing strategies to the overall goals of YOUR business.

Written by Ariana Przybyszewski Intern at Marketing Eye Atlanta

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  • Atlanta Agencies
    Atlanta Agencies
    19 Nov 2017

    I loved your point about how social media can speed-up the communication process to keep customers happy. That is so true and I think a lot of small businesses can leverage social media to monitor if you have a unhappy customer talking bad about your company on social media and quickly address the customer complaints before more people on social media see a problem you customers are complaining about.

  • Agency List
    Agency List
    19 Jun 2016

    I couldn't agree more, as they say "What works today, will not be good for tomorrow", businesses should able to adapt fast in order to be not left behind especially in the online world.