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100 Ways to improve your small business marketing – Final 10

It’s the final 10!

91. Hire an event stylist ( to spruce up your next event. Costs as low as $500!

92. Send a RIS specialist to your ‘big’ clients’ business to improve the health and posture of their staff who look at computers all day. (

93. Put a TShirt on your dog with your brand all over it when you walk your dog each day. People continually stop to pat dogs – so it’s great exposure for a small cost

94. Demonstrate how passionate you are about your service through writing tweets

95. Read the newspaper and if you see an industry article that you have an opinion on, ring the journalist and chances are, you may be in tomorrows paper.

96. Improve your building signage. If you are fortunate enough to have street frontage – use it wisely!

97. Follow up regularly with former clients to try and reactivate them

98. Give discounts for cash or up-front payments

99. Film yourself giving a sales presentation to a prospect and video stream it online on your website

100. Hire a ‘marketing eye’.

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