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Why Your Business Needs to Distribute Content With a Purpose

Are you tired of posting blogs on your business’s website and not receiving hits? Sick of sending newsletters and not getting high open rates? It is stressful to put your heart and soul into something you write and have no one read it. There is one thing you should always think about before writing - everything you write must be written with a purpose.

Here are some tips to become more strategic in your writing process so that you can create content that will intrigue your target audience, and eventually create relationships that convert those prospects into clients.

Before you begin writing content for your business, answer these 3 questions

  1. What do I hope to achieve with this content?
  2. Who am I writing too?
  3. Where will I post this content and is it appropriate for the medium?

Once you have answered these questions, pick a theme so that your writing stays relevant and on track. Your business shouldn’t always have the same theme, switch it up and test what works best. Here are some themes to try writing about :


Topics might include challenges your business solved for a customer, company and product updates, meet the team or case studies.

Writing about your product or service in detail not only helps your customers understand what you offer, but it gives your company a personalized voice to which they can relate. These blogs are a chance to share your company vision, tell your story, and help your customers visualize where your product or service could be utilized in their own lives.

Thought Leadership

Topics might include: future industry trends, industry "tips and tricks", or “how to’s”

When customers make a purchase, they want to feel secure that the company they are buying from is the best of the best. What better way to do that than educating readers about your industry? Educational content not only helps establish you as a leader, but it provides tremendous value to your industry peers and potential customers who have questions.


Topics might include: Your CEO’s story, ways to stay motivated on the weekends, or tips on how to live a happier lifestyle.

This is a chance for you to have some fun with your writing and get a little more personal with your audience. Of course, always find a way to tie your writing back to your business, but show your audience that you are human.

Writing with a purpose can be a time-consuming task. However, providing valuable content to your audience is vital to the success of your business. Think about what your prospects might have questions about, and be the company to give them solutions.

Contact the creatives at Marketing Eye to ensure your business is not only consistently distributing content but is creating value that will begin converting your readers into life-long customers.

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