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Why Some Marketers Are Better Than Others

Have you ever wondered why you hire two people with the same skills, identical degrees, and similar project experience, but one appears to be significantly better than the other? 

After 20 years running my own marketing business, I have learned a thing or two about marketers, and what makes one marketer stand apart from the others.

Here's some insight:

Inquisitive nature

If a marketer is inquisitive and wants to know more, then they investigate the why's, the how's and every single aspect of a marketing campaign to determine what is the best fit for the company they are doing marketing for. Marketing trends are always evolving, and a marketer who can stay on top of the latest news in the industry will outshine others.

Avid users of social media platforms

The world of marketing has turned digital and that is something that no one can ignore. If a marketer isn't using all marketing platforms and nailing their own use of social media, how will they be able to do it for their clients? If they don't try images and content to see if it works or not, how will they be able to do it for a client? The answer is simple: they can't.


Some people are determined to be the best. Some do it at any cost, while others do it because they want pride in their work. These two types of marketers are keepers. The last type is someone who does it because it is a career path 'for now' and they do what they have to, but no more, no less. They don't have a desire to be the best or do their best. Ok is enough. As long as they get by, then that is all that matters.

View of the world

One person may view the world through a lens and when a person with similar traits views the same aspect of the world, they can see something totally different. Their perspective is shaped by their experiences, views, feelings, and individuality. When they are working on a marketing campaign, they will see the campaign and how it rolls out very differently from the person sitting next to them.Individualized styles should be welcomed into your marketing department. Take the opportunity to have your team share their views and insights - nothing builds up a team more than collaboration.

Ability to learn and develop

Some people just stop learning. They did their degree and they believe that is enough. Others are relentless in their pursuit to learn more and develop their skills. Successful marketers are hungry for the next opportunity. Allow your marketers to take time out of their day to research, work on a certification, or even host workshops to keep them engaged. An employee who is learning new skills will never be bored with their daily work.

Ability to win and lose

The more losses you have, hopefully, the more you learn. The more wins you have, you begin to like that feeling and what got you there, so you are more likely to seek out winning more often. It becomes quite addictive.

Intelligence and creativity

Some people are born creative and when they bring something to the table, sometimes its the magic needed to ignite a campaign in a way someone without this capability would never dream of being able to achieve. I have also found intelligent marketers tend to perform better overall. The more intellectual they are, the faster they rise.

When managing marketers, it's important to understand what makes them tick, and why they chose marketing as a career. From there, you can build programs around training and developing their skills to the next level.

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