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Why I'm hiring a full-time content writer instead of paying for advertising

Marketing Eye was under 10,000 on the Alexa rankings when we invested in just content marketing with no paid advertising or investment in any other areas of the business. For us, content was easy, affordable and gave us the results we were looking for.

As our company became larger, we let the content slide and we stopped any public relations because anyone that was willing to interview us, could have interviewed our clients instead. After all, they are all entrepreneurs just like me.

The question many companies face is when the budget is short, do they invest in content marketing or advertising. Fortunately, the answer is simple. Advertising is a quick fix, but content builds long-term benefits from search engine optimization, branding and engagement.

If a prospect is engaged by your brand and they are connected with you on social media, they are more likely to do business with your company.

Finally, I have lifted my head from planning and now have a distinct advantage to look at the big picture, so I am hiring a content writer instead of spending money on advertising.

Here are the reasons why:

  • In Atlanta, salaries are affordable. Therefore, it makes sense that hiring a content writer who has 35 hours a week to write powerful, engaging content for our various target audiences.
  • We are known for content and have let this brand position slide in lieu of working on developing new and innovative technology.
  • There are so many platforms in which to communicate our brand and its proposition to the market: blogs, guest blogging, digital news mediums, social media platforms, video content and more. 
  • Advertising will cost $8,000 per month and when I do the sums as to what ROI that would derive over what ROI we can get from 20 stories a month, it is a no-brainer.
Advertising has an important place in integrated marketing campaigns especially any business that focuses on the consumer market, but when you are a professional services firm focused on B2B, there is only one smart decision that will give you the ROI required and that is content marketing.

If you want to be aggressive in content marketing, you need to at least have a blog a day, and be sending out EDM's, media stories and doing video. A person full-time can easily do this. 

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