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Why do Entrepreneurs Pick Marketing Firms

The tide turns from time to time - that's a fact. When a business is doing incredibly well, most seasoned entrepreneurs know that some months will follow that are not living up to their expectations.


I don't know if the ending of summer unleashed something in entrepreneurs and business owners, or that perhaps luck would have it, our phones are ringing off the hook.

Adding another million to our bottom line isn't unusual but it sure means that we can do a lot more with our company in the future and this strong start to the new season has proven that.

But it's not just Marketing Eye feeling the influx of clients. So too are our clients. Only two days ago a client rang and said that they are having the best quarter that they have ever had in their business. Just that day, they had received $400,000 in online sales. Another client has doubled their business in the past three months. While the newspapers are painting another picture, many businesses are really on the uptick.

All of these businesses have one thing in common. They have a marketing strategy that they are actively implementing no matter how busy their business gets. Likewise, we follow this rule. In fact, while we are too busy for our own good, our ability to scale is in place and therefore we are about to embark on more aggressive marketing strategies to ensure that we can leverage this position and continue to grow.

What I have realized from the last few months, given that so many companies are growing more than their expectations that I am personally connected with, is that I don't know if it is marketing, or the economy or simply good luck. Whatever it is, thank you. We are enjoying the adrenaline of winning new accounts and expanding our business. Everyone has energy and is excited about what is to come.

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  • Kaelyn
    14 Sep 2018

    I think entrepreneurs and marketers share creativity as a commonality. Where as entrepreneurs pour creativity into innovation, marketers use that same creativity to communicate those innovations to the public. To do both, like Mellissah Smith, who has built both Marketing Eye and Robotic Marketer, is a unique feat that should be applauded.