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Why DIY Marketing Workshops are All the Rage

Every business needs a 'marketing eye', and with that comes the basics: a marketing strategy, a marketing implementation plan, analytics and KPI's and of course, results.

Sometimes it isn't practical to have a company come in and conduct a marketing workshop for your team. The dates never seem to work, your team never seems to be quite ready and you know that when you do the workshop, trying to fit it into an allotted time frame of 3 to 4 hours might not allow for enough free discussion.

When we decided to develop the world's first Robotic Marketer, we thought its use. Mostly, we considered what companies both small and large need to be able to ensure that they always have a marketing strategy in place. While it is a huge advantage having a marketing manager facilitate a marketing workshop, there are advantages in having an open discussion with all stakeholders in your team and spending the day working every area of marketing in your business.

What Robotic Marketer allows for is a DIY Workshop that produces a completed marketing strategy.

Here's how to get the best out of your marketing workshop:

Put 4 to 6 hours aside to conduct the marketing workshop

You need to provide enough time for everyone to be able to freely discuss, challenge, and creatively contribute to all areas of your marketing workshop. If you are restricted by time, you might find that the best ideas are left buried and people are not thinking through what is really needed.

Invite key stakeholders in your team

There are many stakeholders in a marketing strategy: management, sales, marketing, and support. Make sure that the people who are responsible for the outcomes of your marketing strategy are invited to the table.

Be prepared

Give your team a list of areas that they need to think about before they come to the workshop. Also, invite them to pull apart what you are already doing, providing constructive feedback on what is working and what isn't. If they come to the table having already thought about what is needed, it allows for a free-flowing discussion.

Have one person enter the information into Robotic Marketer

Just one person is needed to enter the information into Robotic Marketer. Stay true to the order of questions and don't fast track anything. Garbage in, garbage out. Remember what you put into it, is what you will get out of it.

When you are finished

Wait just 31 minutes, and you will find your first draft in your inbox. You can then distribute it to the team for feedback and to add any additional information required.

Interested? Click here, and set the wheels in motion.

Note: Remember Robotic Marketer is still in beta testing, so there may be small hiccups. Make sure you provide us with feedback!

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