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Where is Marketing heading in 2018?

I sat down in a bar next to the Dean of Marketing at one of America’s most prestigious Universities, and we discussed the future in marketing.

I proudly told him about Robotic Marketer, a robotic and AI technology based solution that writes marketing strategies in minutes, that are more intuitive, smarter and results orientated than any human being could ever do.

As I discussed the details of how the Robotic Marketer works, he exclaimed “you are disrupting the industry”. This is the future. And it is.

But there is more to come in marketing, and as we both concurred, our time as innovators and teachers will soon be up. New and upcoming technologies will keep coming out and at some stage, people like ourselves will need to step aside, and allow those with the know-how and innovation to take the stage.

For education institutions, it is impossible to teach students the things they need to know in marketing to go out into the workforce and bring something to the table. They will instead learn more by doing internships and alike, then they would learn in a classroom.

How do we change this? What is the solution? Does private enterprise need to work more closely with educational institutions, teaching students the things they need to know to be more valuable in the workforce? Are entrepreneurs the new lecturers? Is technology that is just being launched, needed to be learnt at University regardless of whether it lasts the test of time?

Are we responsible for opening up the minds of our marketing students to think bigger and foresee the future of marketing, with no boundaries? Can we embrace an educational institution that combines real life skills with academic learnings? Do we embrace students who think differently, to see where that takes them, while under the guidance of academia? Can Universities handle job-sharing, skill-sharing, as we do in flat organisational structures, to get he most out of both student and teacher?

The future of marketing changes – daily. We don’t have answers, but we need to ensure that the future is not only held by a few smart technology experts, without real influence from the people who need to use the technology to give customers better return on investment and better consumer experiences.

There are no boundaries in technology or marketing. We are only hindered by our own perceptions and ability to think outside the box.

Universities are a playground for learning and development, and sometimes, the next Facebook, but maybe the next billion dollar tech company won’t come from the tech department, but instead from the marketers who use it. For a more visual understanding, watch this qucik video

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