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Tips for Building a Good Resume

Marketing is occurring whenever and wherever throughout everyday life. Whether through advertisements, logos or commercials, we are exposed to thousands of marketing avenues daily. A person’s biggest marketing tool, especially when searching for means to make money, is their resume. Unfortunately, resumes are not as easy as slapping down a few facts about yourself as well as a few jobs you have had in the past. Here are a few tips on how to properly develop a resume that will market your talents effectively:

  1. Research the company you plan to apply for. Many people of today begin their job search by updating their resume, then they begin the job search. WRONG! Before a resume is developed and updated, one must know exactly what company and position it is they plan to apply to. In order to market yourself efficiently, it only makes sense to research to see exactly what a potential employer wants in an employee, then tailor your past experiences to the job position as well as the company itself.
  2. Be able to explain your past job title and responsibilities. If you plan to apply for a position that focuses on leadership and management, it would not be smart to include a past experience where your response was simply to receive directions and follow through with them. Although this is a past job responsibility of yours, this specific job may not be one that would behoove your potential employer to believe or conclude that you will be the best fit for the position the company looks to fill.
  3. Study your resume as much as possible. Nothing is more embarrassing than not being able to answer a question about yourself, especially when you are the one who made the information about yourself and your skills available for others to evaluate. There are many situations when potential employers ask for a candidate to further elaborate on something on their resume and they simply cannot. It is just as important to be able to discuss in depth any and everything on your resume as well as it is to properly put one together.
  4. Quantify your accomplishments and experiences. Making too many general claims does not effectively market the candidate. By quantifying results from past experiences gives potential employers a hard fact and something tangible for them to refer to when deciding to bring you aboard or not. Numbers are also more noticeable on a resume as well. In the end, the goal is to distinguish yourself from the other candidates.
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