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The "Pinch Yourself" Moment Every Entrepreneur Should Have

I have been in marketing for 28 years and this is going to be my moment, the one that will define all my career achievements. It is by far the best career accomplishment I have ever made, and it all started because I had a problem that needed to be fixed.

Apparently, this is the norm. Tech entrepreneurs often find a problem in something that they do, and that leads to them developing something that solves that problem.

I have always wanted to be a successful technology entrepreneur. I have for years built technology solutions for companies that I have worked with and for my own company, but never anything of this magnitude.

There are many things that I have realized on this journey but the most important thing that has stuck in my mind is the fact that you can have a good idea, but if you do nothing with it, it is fruitless. People have great ideas every day but most don't do anything about it. I use to be that person. Now, I am not. I am the 'doer', the person who gets stuff done.

As the computer spits out one marketing strategy after another, I am having moments where secretly (and sometimes not too secretly) I am pinching myself. Did I really turn an idea into reality?

I did. I am no longer a procrastinator or someone who throws out a whole heap of ideas hoping one will stick, and that is what is so exciting about the next chapter.

I can't wait to hire an additional 40 staff in my Sydney and Melbourne office - to feel the buzz and energy of people who are all striving for one goal. I am forever thankful that this is my time where hopefully I will shine from the inside.

Thank you to my incredible team. This journey has been amazing.

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