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Some companies don't want to succeed

You can come up with a reason for doing almost everything... including murder, so coming up with reasons to not succeed is a piece of cake.

Everyday, I talk to small businesses who say they want to grow, but always have a reason why they haven't. "Useless salesman, economy is bad, product is going through changes, website isn't generating leads, too busy running the business"... and the list goes on.

I am yet to hear an entrepreneur who is still doing the same business figures they were doing 10 years ago, actually, say that whilst there are reasons and excuses for not succeeding, they now are open to changing what they are doing wrong, and start investing in doing something right.

FAILURE isn't an option for successful entrepreneurs and one thing they all have in common is being open to change, evolution and creating something magnificent. Entrepreneurs often have great ideas, but never execute it and are so cautious that they stunt their growth just by over-analysing and not investing where they should.

Marketing is key to growth and without it, growth cannot be achieved. Adhoc marketing may get you by for a period of time, but it is not sustainable. Having a qualified Marketing Consultant, who has experience with working with businesses like yours, is imperative. Alternatively, investing in a marketing manager in-house if you can afford it, is one of the best business decisions you will ever make.

Some companies don't want to succeed. Why not make sure you are not one of them!

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  • Carla
    17 May 2011

    Nothing is impossible. Failure can happen, but can not be the end of your business unless if you look for "solutions" or "options", such as a marketing consultant.

    In most of the small business they do ignore marketing, and they don't know how essential it is to help them to succeed. It is a way to communicate with your clients in a more closer way to let them know that your business exists and is there for them.

    Marketing is the way to go!

  • Blanca
    17 May 2011

    Very often you don’t know until you try! Instead of complaining and hypothesizing it’s better to experiment and explore different options. Even if you fail, you can still learn something useful. I think a real failure in life is giving in to defeatism.


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