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Small Businesses Need Marketing

Small businesses need marketing and so many of them, just can’t find the time to do it.

Yesterday I met with a company in Brunswick who provide a quality software development service and have grown organically for the past 10 years. In their particular industry, I see them as one of the industries best kept secrets. The people behind the business are serious techo’s who are passionate about developing new and innovative softwares.

Whilst so many of their competitors are shipping work offshore, they continue to use Australian’s to develop tailor made software for their clients.

They have some great ideas about marketing, but because they are working hard in the business, they never seem to have the time to make them happen.

So, they met with Marketing Eye. We know we can help this business reach its business goals through effective marketing campaigns and building their brand awareness in key markets.

If we didn’t come on board, they will continue to grow until they level out and will not reach the ambitious goals they have set for themselves. They need a marketing eye and they need it now. Momentum has grown and they need to leverage off this and capitalise off recent successes.

By developing a marketing strategy and implementing it over the next 12 months, we believe that this business can double in size. Fortunately, so do they!

Marketing Eye

Marketing Eye helps small businesses grow. If you cannot afford a full time marketing manager and never seem to get around to executing your marketing ideas, why not give us a call? Sometimes all you need is a marketing eye! 1300 300 080.

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