It’s true. Twitter is addictive. I can attest to that because I can’t go a day without looking at it, sending numerous tweets and then racing to my google analytics account to see what the response is.
Actually, this blog has been inundated with twitter followers from every posting I place on twitter directing it back to the Marketing Eye blog or website.

I don’t use it for personal use unless I am desperate for content – but I do use it for;

1. Employee Recruitment

Recently we had a vacant position for a new accounts person in Marketing Eye’s Sydney office. I put it up on twitter and received 20 applications within hours. Everyone referred to the fact that they found out about the job on twitter and how innovative it was for us to advertise there.

Tweet: “Looking for a dynamic, crazy accounts person who wants to pursue a career in the marketing industry”

2. Raising Brand Awareness

Marketing Eye is better known from it’s online marketing campaigns than from any off-line marketing that has taken place over the past 5 years. Our blogs receive at least 9,000 people per week reading the latest on small business marketing, our twitter account has 900 following us and most of these people are Australian, facebook has over 10,000 friends within our Marketing Eye network and it goes on and on. But twitter has the biggest response in terms of immediate action. If I tweet “10% off websites” chances are there will be someone responding immediately with an inquiry.

3. Client competitions

Given that we are in the game of marketing, our clients who are b2c-based are constantly coming up with innovative ways to build their database and competitions are a big big winner! Through google analytics we are able to see exactly how many entries are coming from twitter as opposed to other forms of marketing. Our last campaign saw 30% directly from twitter and I am sure as more and more people use twitter, this result will grow.

Tweet: “Last chance to win a car, click here”

4. Client acquisition

Now this is the most effective client acquisition mechanism for Marketing Eye attracting small businesses to sign up for the $27.95 per day Marketing Manager promotion. We are inundated with inquiries from twitter and as yet are not using any other medium other than the fact that this promotion is listed on internal website pages on the Marketing Eye website.

“30 spots left only : startup and small businesses looking for high growth strategies. Find out more ….”

5. Promoting Marketing Eye’s customers

We promote existing clients on twitter that have a service or product that would suit the followers of the marketingeyeaus twitter account.

Tweet: “Newest craze in staff training – WiseBrain – available now from Jurmaine Health”

Twitter is an addictive social-networking technology that facilitates torrents of truncated messages amongst millions of users. If you are new to twitter, like I was recently, then go and follow people that are in your target audience by finding competitor twitters and searching through the people that follow them. Chances are if you follow someone, they will follow you back.

Marketing Eye makes money out of twitter every day and our brand awareness is going through the roof.

There are myriad ways Twitter can have an impact, and not just as a marginal marketing tool. Twitter is for everything from boosting sales and finding new talent, to conducting market research and raising capital. The latter is becoming more and more popular with a business (tweetsgiving) starting a 48 hour campaign to raise capital and attracting 15000 to their site, of which, 360 donated money to the tune of $11,000. Not bad, huh?

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P.S. If you like this marketing blog, then please feel free to share it on whatever social network medium you see fit. We love facebook, twitter and linkedin!
Mellissah Smith is a serial entrepreneur and business leader with more than 20 years' experience in marketing.
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Mellissah Smith

Mellissah Smith is a marketing expert, author, writer, public speaker and technology innovator. Having worked with more than 300 companies across technology, medical device, professional services, manufacturing, logistics, finance and health industries, Mellissah has a well-established reputation as an experienced marketing professional with more than 20 years experience. As the founder and managing director of Marketing Eye, she has taken the company from startup to a multi-million dollar enterprise with offices in Australia and the US. Mellissah is also the Editor in Chief of Marketing Eye Magazine, a quarterly magazine that cover marketing, entrepreneurship, travel, health and wellbeing. #mellissah #marketingeye

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