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Phenomenal Ways Great Companies Market

Marketing is a necessary evil for some, and for others, it is one of the most exciting parts of running a business or achieving not-for-profits goals. 

When companies first start, they often don't invest in a proper marketing strategy, and that may be their biggest mistake. A logo, some branding, and word-of-mouth won't get you the success that you might achieve if you were to market your business from the get-go. It usually leads to a slow start and a much harder journey. Worse case, it may lead to you closing your doors.

For more mature businesses, you may have gotten to where you are at by simply having an exceptional sales team. That works for many companies, as long as you follow it up with an investment in customer service and no-one changes their mind about doing business with your company over time. While this is a great way many companies got to the first level in their business, it is marketing and sales working collaboratively that keeps you there and takes you to new heights.

There are a number of things that great companies do to market:

Have brand consistency

When you think that Coca-Cola has brand consistency, Apple creates a movement, Starbucks has a social engagement strategy and Whole Food Market stands for something - it becomes abundantly clear that your brand will last the test of time, if only it has something that everyone remembers your brand for.

Marketing strategies are always in place

Fail to plan, plan to fail. This rings true with all plans and while a business plan is essential, so too is a marketing strategy. Marketing Eye always has a marketing strategy in place and we invest in ensuring that it is always in play. We don't forget our marketing strategy because we become too busy. We don't put it to the way-side when business is booming. We keep ensuring that we implement our strategy and our entire team has ownership.

Social media strategy

Yesterday, I saw a picture of a young girl that I know through one of my staff members is a very provocative soft porn pose on social media. I was mortified. Why would a young girl feel the need to do that? When I mentioned it to another Gen-Y, they said that perhaps 5 years ago it would be something that was distasteful, but today everyone is doing it and it is the norm. Her target audience is to gain social media influence to increase her self-worth. It's a social media strategy that is working. When it comes to business, we need to communicate in a way that resonates with our target audience. The reason micro-influencers get kudos is that they are talking to a target audience, not the masses. Make sure you engage with your market socially and connect on multiple levels. It's a sure way to ensure that your target market gets to know you long before you make a sale.

Create champions of their brands

You know when someone says to you that you must buy something, use something or go somewhere... that's when you know that the brand in question has established yet another champion. Great brands know how to do this well.

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