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Oh Honey, You Do NOT Have The Eye…

Your third eye, it’s real.

In Buddhism, your third eye, often denoted as a small dot between the eyebrows, is a representation of your minds eye. Many followers of the religion also believe the eye to be a representation of wisdom. Some Hindu philosophers view “the eye”, as an extrasensory perception, that is, being able to see things in your daily life not plain to the naked eye. In other words, the eye allows you to look beyond what you see.

In business, as in both the Hindu and Buddhist faiths, it’s important to open up your third eye; In my line of work, we call that your Marketing Eye.

What does that mean?

Let’s say for example, you own a company. You’ve got a reliable client list, a website, and a steady stream of revenue, but you’re finding it difficult to acquire new clients. Your problem might be that you haven’t yet opened up your Marketing Eye. Here is a guide to help you avoid being Marketing Eye blind.

What does your business do?

You may know what you do, but not everyone else does. Every time a potential customer visits your website, observes your social media accounts, or sees your ads, they should be able to figure out what your business does as quickly as possible. What you see, are possible clients choosing a competitor. What you missed, is that they had neither the time nor patience to try and decipher what it is your business does.

What are people saying?

We’re in the digital age, and that means, customer reviews matter. However, word-of-mouth is still an incredibly powerful marketing tool. If you find negative reviews about your business, you need to take them seriously. Many business owners make mistakes when they assume there’s something wrong with the customer, or that all problems can be solved by giving the customer a discount. What you see are bad reviews, which deter business. What you missed, is often times customers have the same complaints, so, you may have an internal problem that needs to be addressed.

Who works for you?

We’ve all had bad customer service, and we’ve all had great customer service. What’s important, however, is that your customer’s experience with your business is consistent with the company’s brand. For example, if your brand portrays your business as fast, efficient, and precise, you’ll need your employees to be nice and courteous, but not overly friendly or talkative. Why? Because your employees can’t live up to the brand’s expectations, if they’re talking your customer’s ear off. What you see is an employee with great energy, who did an okay job. What you missed, is that while the employee was busy talking, the customer was left with mediocre service.

Indian People.JPG

In business, it’s important to maintain the perfect balance between product and service. Sometimes, great products turn sour when there isn’t great service to back them up. When this happens, you’ll find that many clients will pay more for a competitor, because they get the full experience of the brand. So, what you see, is your revenue decreasing, and your competitor gaining a larger market share. What you’re missing, is that your patrons experiences aren’t living up to the brand you’re trying to portray.

All in all, business is more than just products and revenue, there’s a whole cause and effect system between the two that you may not even see. This system is all about, you guessed it, marketing. So, if you find yourself Marketing Eye blind, call Marketing Eye Atlanta at 404-626-8070 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Because every business needs a Marketing Eye. Open up yours.

Written by Zoe Haynes an Intern at Marketing Eye Atlanta

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