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Niche businesses can have a big global impact

Marketing agencies have a mix of large and small clients. Some clients are well known throughout the community and even globally, while others are known only in the sectors they represent. But sometimes you see a client stride from industry renown into national and global prominence.

GP Graders is one such client. Their commitment to technology innovation and customer service has just seen the company win the Australian Export Awards.

According to Trade and Investment Minister Andrew Robb it was GP Graders’ innovation and imagination that has captured international attention for their machinery products.

These products have changed the agricultural landscape, first in Australia and then internationally, by creating efficiencies that didn’t previously exist, therefore cutting time and cost.

That’s a value proposition every company tries to achieve – but more fail than not. Clearly GP Graders has the innovation model right and their commitment to innovation is a lesson for us all.   

GP Graders has not only contributed positively to the agricultural industry, they have made a huge contribution to the Australian economy.

I’m not sure if founder Geoff Payne envisaged this would happen, that he would have such an impact when he started the company, or that he would win the Australian Exporter of the Year award. Perhaps that is something we can ask him down the track, along with how proud he must be of his son Stuart’s ability to create new markets.

Right at this point in time, it’s high-fives all round for GP Graders as they prove that the unlikeliest of businesses can have such a huge impact.

The team here at Marketing Eye send their heartfelt congratulations to GP Graders and wish them all the best as they look to further enrich their international footprint.

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