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New FREE Analytics Tool For Pinterest Proves Popular With Marketers

Pinterest is going ahead leaps and bounds in the business space. Not only has it achieved to provide one of the easiest platforms to understand and their instructions for setting up a business on Pinterest are so easy - even I can do it - but they also have cleverly launched a free analytics tool that will allow you to track engagement. 

There is also a clever Vimeo, which is a simple walkthrough on how to read the analytics and what information you now will have access to. It complements the examples of stories other successful businesses have achieved on Pinterest bolstering the company's dominance in the world of women.

Females dominate Pinterest use with a majority of 80% of users. Most people spend their time on Pinterest pinning pictures on their boards (US: 83.9%) and commentary isn't so big with fewer than 0.6% of users leaving a comment. It continues to increase audience share with people logging on from PC, mobile web and apps.

The new web analytics tool doesn't make third-party Pinterest analytics systems obsolete, with Pinfluencer and Curalate still powerful in the analytics stakes. What it does do is allow people to track their engagement; pinners and pins and work out what is popular and what is not. It also lets you know where pins are coming from. There are four graphs on the Analytics page on Pinterests website which covers adequately information that most people need to know. I think this is a big winner for marketers and certainly has everyone talking today. Knowing what has been clicked on most, what has been clicked on most recently and what is being pinned from your website - provides an important analysis for companies not wishing to go to paid analytics.

What do you think?

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  • Maria Alda Prawitera
    Maria Alda Prawitera
    03 Apr 2013

    This is new information for me too since I am not on Pinterest, so I am not familiar with the system.

    However, Facebook implemented the Facebook Insights quite a long time ago, and it really helps tracking engagement.

    I agree that I would be helpful for marketers, but ONLY and ONLY IF the marketer KNOWS and fully UNDERSTANDS how to use it (taking the numbers & data, interpret it, and turn it into words, analysing what's really going on in the engagement)!

    Because most of the times, marketers just blindly post whatever they want! People reading your posts or viewing posts is good, but it doesn't say much about their response. It is the comments and interaction that really matters on social media!

  • Sandra
    21 Mar 2013

    Wow this is awesome.
    Thanks for the information.

  • Arnaud
    12 Mar 2013

    Very interesting, I didn't hear about this new tool yet.
    But as you said the fact that Pinterest let us know "what has been clicked on most, what has been clicked on most recently and what is being pinned from your website" is an incredible source of free analytics for every company which don't want to pay for them.

    Furthermore the social media power being huge in terms of interactions with clients, social media analytics are according to me one of the most powerful source of information we can get concerning clients' behaviour with regard to a brand on the internet

  • Will Bowman
    Will Bowman
    12 Mar 2013

    One of the criticisms of social media has always been the inability to properly track the impact of your social media footprint. 3rd party analytics are definitely of assistance, however providing a free built in analytic system such as the one mentioned in Pinterest is rare. It seems that other social media platforms, such as Facebook, resist in providing free analytics to the user, rather opting to provide the data to advertising firms for a fee. Good on Pinterest for providing such information as it will greatly assist marketers in measuring and understanding their social media footprint