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My secret to flirting and business

I’ve got a not-so-secret weapon to reel clients in.  It’s called marketing automation.

You walk in to your favourite shop and immediately, something beautiful captures your attention.  You need it, you want it, it would be just right for you.

Summoning all of your courage, you walk over to that breathtaking prospect and begin your introduction.  And no, I’m not talking about a man, or a pair of Jimmy Choos -  I’m describing something else that makes my heart beat; engaging with a potential new client; that instantaneous allure of a new connection.  And I’m not going to lie; you must approach business like you would a date.

Yes, I’m encouraging you to flirt with your customers.

Marketing automation is your vehicle to woo and court business with every single element of the marketing mix taken in to account.  This software is a platform that allows you to create chemistry with your potential customer by enticing interaction on multiple levels.  It’s not a want but a need for you and your business. 

And like any new relationship, at first marketing automation is difficult to navigate but if you remain patient with it, it is well worth the benefits.  It’s a system designed to make lives of marketers easier (you’re welcome), reduce headcount in your departments and increase return on your investment. Typically, businesses rely heavily on ROI and this system facilitates lead-to-revenue management, the foundation of most successful businesses. 

But what does this have to do with flirting?  Go back to the shop scenario.  Your prospect is now surrounded by a number of people, and with every step you take, more individuals approach them.  Once confident, you’re rendered hesitant by all of the attention your prospect is grabbing.
You ask yourself: how can I gain the acknowledgement of this person?

The only way to catch their attention, you realise, is relating to them in a way that no-one else does. 

Due to the rapid rise of technology, we are swamped with information.  Imagine several people at that shop bombarding your prospect with conflicting messages.  No longer is there just one prospect to one marketer; marketing automation deals with this modern conundrum by offering a refined approach to relationship building, enabling you to appear as the only option in a sea of people.

The beauty of this system it treats the customer as knowledgeable.  They know what they want.  They’ve heard it all before.  In fact, few are ahead of their marketers.  Placing a heavy emphasis on analytics, marketing automation captures customer data; every web page they visit, tweet they send, link they click.  This information allows the marketer to understand their customer’s needs like never before and relate to them in a completely new way. Rather than lead their customers, marketers become part of their process; remembering - it does take two to flirt.

Marketing automation encourages the marketer to help the customer through their journey by educating them and listening to what they’re saying.  Sales have always been relationship-driven – that has not changed – but now our focus must be on building that relationship, using data to ‘flirt’ with our leads and pump out revenue.

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