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Marketing Eye Gets Fashionable

pic-helen-20101125-IMG_7626-200x300Marketing Eye is helping small to medium sized fashion and retail labels with top notch Marketing Consultant, Helen Tirekidis joining the team. 

Helen has a wealth of experience and has worked with all the big labels in town with more than 15 years experience in marketing international prestige brands.

Her key areas of expertise include high level strategic marketing planning, formulating marketing budgets, media planning, brand building and management, launching brands, events, sponsorship and presenting to big retailers for distribution of products.

Marketing Eye has been working with fashion labels since its inception, however, with the appointment of Helen Tirekidis, will be focused on fashion and retail in the coming year.

Helen has tremendous experience in prestige brands and is able to bring this experience in marketing to new and upcoming brands that want to capture market share or who would like to present to larger retailers to get their products on the shelves.

Often new brands in the market aren’t sure what they should be spending on marketing, nor who they should be targeting and hit and miss is not an option when budgets are small. Thus, an experienced ‘marketing eye’ like Helen can provide invaluable advice and execution of your strategic marketing plan.

For just $500 per week, retailers and fashion labels can have a Marketing Eye in their business, promoting their brand, gaining market share and discovering and building distribution networks.

For more information, please contact Marketing Eye Sydney on 02 8280 9999 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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