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Managing Expectations

Managing expectations is a grey area because sometimes, some people expect too much.

This morning, after forgoing breakfast at a cafe in Townsville where you had to serve your own coffee and toast, I walked across the road to another cafe that came highly recommended.

The Jam Corner in Townsville has a very pleasant setting with an almost South of France appeal. The service was exceptional and the coffee was great. I had toast with jam which was quite standard – given that there isn’t much you can do with that.

When the bill came, I was surprised that the toast (2 slices) was $10 at a Townsville cafe. Now, maybe $8 would still be expensive, but I could live with it, but not $10. Of course, I didn’t say anything, but I know as I walked away, that I wouldn’t go back there to eat breakfast again.

Most places in Sydney or Melbourne would charge around $5 to $7 for toast and they are usually quite fancy with special bread.

But $10 for standard bread – I just can’t live with.  And in Townsville! Townsville is cheaper than most cities in Australia for everything. You wouldn’t find a main meal over $30 – pretty much anywhere, and you still can get a spirit and softdrink for $2.50 if you go to the right places.

Managing expectations is about value and perception of value. There was value in that they provided good service, yet for some reason, standard toast with no bells and whistles… didn’t meet my expectations.

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