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LV…ahh what a surprise

Now, it certainly isn’t for everyone, but my oh my…

Today when I returned home to find a gift from a dear friend of mine, packaged in the very famous Louis Vuitton paper bag – I gasped!

Wow! I have had a hectic couple of weeks and have been sick with a chest infection for the past 10 days, which always gets one down – so it was a pleasant surprise.

Just what the Doctor ordered!

Some brands just have the impact. Without even opening the box, I was caught up with butterflies in my stomach and a smile that you could not have wiped off my face no matter how hard you tried.

Think - the little blue box from Tiffany’s or the little red box with gold trimming from Cartier. They all have invested so heavily in their brands and made them so damn expensive, that when you receive even a keyring, you are left overwhelmed.

It has always been an old trick of mine to get friends small presents like the deck of travel books from LV, or a set of cuff links from Giorgio Armani as a gift. It really doesn’t matter how much you spend as the packaging is all that it takes to make someone’s day.

Now Christmas is coming up and corporate gifts are always hard to buy. I personally am a little tired of receiving hampers, so there are a few options I am throwing around.

Try towels from Hermes or Gucci – always a great gift. Cufflinks from Giorgio Armani, or a nice scent. Hermes scarves for the ladies or a Mont Blanc pen. If its a smaller gift you are looking for, perhaps a nice plant, or a jar of lollies in your brand colour.

Christmas gifts are hard to find because everyone takes the easy option of a bottle of wine/champagne or a hamper – but this Christmas – think outside the square. Either something quality with the ‘wow’ factor or a donation to Ozchild. If you want to do the latter for your clients, I am happy to make up special cards free of charge branded especially for you!!! It’s a great cause and let’s face it, we all have too much of everything so make a small child smile – it’s the best gift of all.

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