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Learn from people smarter than you - and you will succeed

The more one realises that by listening to others you will learn more than you could ever imagine - the more successful you will become.

When I was in the height of my business success, I remember not having time to listen to other successful people because I was always thinking about my business, what I had to do, what was on deadline, debtors, creditors... you name it, I was thinking about it. My overactive mind played havoc day and night and I found it very hard to sit still and listen. Apparently, this is a common trait of an entrepreneur and one that I have come to work on as an individual to improve my own capabilities as a business leader.

Now, I am a little older (a lot!) and wiser. I look at things differently and I make time for others particularly if I can learn from them. I am still really busy as my business is growing really fast, but I seem to have a better handle on things. I have matured.

This morning, I was chatting to a friend in Atlanta. Now, he is the epitome of success in my industry. Our businesses are very different but we are nevertheless in the same industry. He is super smart and knows his stuff. His business is Next Marketing in the US. It is an experimental marketing company, and if it runs with the precision of it's leader, then I can imagine that any company that does business with them, will have highly successful campaigns driven by innovation, creativity and a well-thought through execution plan.

I spend a lot of time speaking with others who know more than me. They have been around the traps for a long time and have had highs and lows in business - all of which makes them a better business person. Even if I take one thing home from every conversation, I feel like I have received value. On the other hand, I hope that I too give value to them in some way. Afterall, everyone's experiences are different and we all have something to add.

I don't think in Australia that there is anything quite like Next Marketing, and after showing my senior team their website, they all wanted to know more. We will never cross-over into this area, but as marketers, it is important to learn every aspect of marketing, so you can always give the best advice to your clients and help drive their businesses using the best marketing platforms possible.

Henry Rischitelli, the owner of Next Marketing is on-his-game and it is evident by the company's they work with, that every campaign only has one outcome and that is success. He is very in touch with ROI and his understanding of business gives companies that they work with a more well-rounded view on how experiental marketing can benefit their organisation and help them achieve their marketing goals.

This conversation has inspired me more to share my experiences with others in my industry and set aside time in my business week to meet with people that are doing things differently. You never know what may come of it.

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comments ( 3 )
  • Salli
    18 Oct 2011

    I like the core message, as it can also be applied to almost any other aspect in life, not just business.

    It is a shame though that not many people take the time to listen to other people or internalise their advice. I guess individuals, who realise the importance of this, will always have the advantage over other people when it comes to success.

  • Nicholas
    13 Oct 2011

    Yes, this is true, life is long and we never know what can happen. So it is a nice idea to be open-minded, listen to people, sometimes change your directions because people had a better idea. We are not perfect and we obviously can be wrong so according to me, it is a quality to be able to reconsider his own ideas.

  • Vib
    13 Oct 2011

    Every successful person has a different story to tell, they've all worked very hard to be where they are and its always very interesting and inspirational to listen to what they have to say.

    We all should learn from our mistakes but learning from other people's mistakes can be very advantageous, so listening is definitely a very good thing !!!