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Last Minute Marketing

Everyone has been a victim of last minute marketing madness at least a couple of times in their lives.

At Marketing Eye, its a daily event here. We have clients and randoms who ring us up and beg us to do last minute marketing for the trade show that’s on tomorrow, the launch that’s on Friday, a e-news letter that’s needing to go out today and an advertisement that is being published this week.

Whilst this can happen to anyone (think stressed advertising – the discount is sometimes worth the madness that surrounds putting it together), it’s something we should avoid at all costs.

The less we stick to our marketing strategies, the least likely we are of achieving our marketing goals. We go over budget and often invest in under performing marketing initiatives – for because we rush, we are disorganised or we think its a good deal.

As a company, we have suppliers of everything from advertising and printing to events and sponsorship trying to sell us and our clients distressed packages.

When we say yes, we do so with hestitation and concern as to whether we can produce something at the last minute that is going to add value to the investment our client is making in their marketing.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Correct. Well at least most of the time.

Don’t fall victim to last minute marketing. Keep to your marketing strategy and alter it only when the market dictates, not when someone is trying to sell you something.

If you are a fan of distressed advertising, sponsorship or tradeshow space, put it in your strategy and have a plan in place.

Keep your wits about you when opportunities come your way and never say yes if the ROI is not there.

Remember, its not like going to Burberry and buying an outfit on sale. It’s your brand!

New Years Resolution 2010… No last minute marketing. Right!

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