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Is there a new look Liberal Party?

Last night I was invited to attend a dinner for a up and coming politician that has just won pre-selection in the seat of Kooyong.

Joshua Frydenberg is a Director, Melbourne Corporate Finance for German bank, Deutsche Bank. He is giving up his high profile and incredibly successful career for public service. His motive – to make a difference.

After listening to Joshua talk about his vision, what he thinks of the current political climate and in general, his thoughts on the world, it struck me that this is no normal wanna be Politician.

Here we have a smart, articulate and driven man who really wants to make a difference. He isn’t misled in thinking that any of the Political parties are perfect, but he is committed to a significant pay cut and a future in door knocking and campaigning for what he believes to be the best direction and policies for the Australian public and for now, the people in the seat of Kooyong.

I am impressed as was the 18 people who were at this dinner that introduced Joshua Frydenberg to some young and energetic business people.

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