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Jurmaine Health is hosting on behalf of The Art of Living a Meditation Workshop perfect for the stressed out entrepreneurs in Melbourne or for your entire team.

I am going and so is some of my team as it is a great way to learn to deal with stresses of life and teaches you how to relax and rest your mind.

If it was ok for the Beatles, I figure, its more than ok for me!

Last Minute Bookings Available

RING 03 9692 7600 AND BOOK IN NOW!

Learn Techniques and Strategies:
  • Staying in the Present
  • Breath fro Stillness of the Mind
  • Become ONE in Harmony with Body, Breath and Brain
  • Different insights to how the mind works and its impact on happiness
  • Meditation for ACCEPTANCE OF LIFE within, without and around.

Led by Kalpana Jayashankar this session costs only $5. All proceeds are donations that go to the Art of Living.

About your facilitator

Kalpana Jayashankar has been with the Foundation for 9 years and conducts Art of Living Workshops for schools, universities, organisations and the wider community. Art of Living workshops teach people how to effectively manage their mind and emotions, eliminate stress, live in harmony and bring greater peace and joy into their lives.

Don’t forget to book! See you there!

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