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If you had a blank canvas, what picture would you paint?

It's already March. In fact, today is the 1/3/13. 

The  year has begun and is going too fast for my personal liking. Having reviewed the figures for the financial year from July 1, 2012, I am impressed that our sales are up 40% and even more pleased that I haven't been in the office for more than 4 months of that time which means only one thing - that the team at Marketing Eye rock! Seriously. Great work.

But on another note, the year is speeding along and I feel as though I need to stop and take a deep breath and make sure that everything is in order to continue down this path of high growth.

Does anyone else feel the same?

You know when you head to work on Monday morning and as you sit at your desk with your hot coffee in hand, you begin to dread the number of emails that may have come through over the weekend just in case there is something that you missed doing.

Or when you look at your "to do list" and realize that there are more things that could be there, but it is near impossible to finish what has already been written down?

My heart sinks everytime I think about what I could do if only I had the time. Sure, I could employ more people, but as an entrepreneur you sometimes do need to do the "creative" stuff yourself. It's your baby, right?

This afternoon, I am sitting at my computer with two MacBook Airs side by side and in photoshop, I am painting a fresh picture of what can be achieved in the next 12 months.

My first stroke of the brush is around marketing:

Blue sky:  Marketing Eye is in more than 1000 small businesses in the next 12 months in one way or another
Mountains: Brand exposure in every major entrepreneurial editorial in the US 
Fields: Sales automation optimized and working fluidly throughout the entire business
Water: Marketing automation optimized and aligned to company balance sheet
Frame: Marketing Eye US

On top of that, the company needs to achieve a seven figure revenue balanced by more than 15 employees that are highly motivated and as "in love" with the brand as I am.

We can all sit down and dream about what we would like to see on a shiny white canvas, but the reality is that there is no point in thinking about it if you are not going to do it.

The problem that many entrepreneurs face is that they spend too much time dreaming and not enough time putting their dreams in motion. Many also tend to have a good idea, and then the next day have another and then another. At the end, they realize that none of their good ideas were executed because they were doing too much at one time.

It's a hard lesson to learn, but many of us have learnt that one the hard way.

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  • Maria Alda Prawitera
    Maria Alda Prawitera
    03 Apr 2013

    When I read this post, I immediately thought of the "SMART" of goal-setting!

    S: Specific
    M: Measurable
    A: Achievable
    R: Realistic
    T: Time-framed

    When I use this during goal-setting, I personally feel that achieving things becomes easier! :)

  • Amanda Flynn
    Amanda Flynn
    05 Mar 2013

    Having a dream and actually living your dream are two very different things. Taking the risk and putting your dream into action is a big step. To achieve many dreams they take time, money and resources which you may not have. I believe as long as you're working towards your dream and taking baby steps to reach this goal it will be achieved one day.
    In saying this sometimes the life we planned isn't always the life we are meant to live so it is important to adjust your goals and find satisfaction to be happy in anything life throws at you. This may change your dreams, you never know what the future holds.

  • Melinda
    04 Mar 2013

    Following a dream and setting it into motion is often extremely difficult and daunting for people. To follow through, it requires a healthy amount of self-belief, determination, focus and the commitment required to put in the hard yards even when the situation looks grim. The amount of times I've heard somebody say "I thought of that years ago" when they see a new snazzy product advertised on TV is innumerable.
    That being said, whether the dream is to be a world-class ballet dancer or an entrepreneur, monetary resources and networking connections often come into question. Stephenie Meyer's phenomenal 'Twilight' series was inspired from a seemingly real dream she woke up from and she felt the compelling urge to put it into words. Together with a good dose of "luck" and the ability to keep picking yourself up over and over again every time you get knocked down, you may live to see the dream successfully accomplished.

  • mina a
    mina a
    03 Mar 2013

    The years are flashing by too quick, last time I looked I was in 2007! now I'm 23, single and still at home. Feels like yesterday I was 16. I'm worried tomorrow I'll be middle aged with 3 kids!.
    So I've realised to take advantage of each day andnot just dream but take action and put those dreams in motion so at the end of each day you feel you've accomplished something.