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If New York is the hub for creative talent, then what's Atlanta

Don't get me wrong... I love Atlanta. In fact, it is one of my preferred cities in the US and its definately very livable.

However, from a marketing and creative perspective, is it allowing itself as a city to be second best?

It's hard to compare to New York - let's face it, but when it comes to business, why should New York companies have greater access to the talents of the world's best creatives and marketers and Atlanta be left to those who couldn't make it in the city that never sleeps.

That's the same for Investment Bankers and a whole host of careers, I know, but it saddens me that Atlanta hasn't used its critical mass of 6 million people to produce some of the world's most distinguished and talented creatives.

How can we as a city change that? How can we make Atlanta the US' hub for marketers and creatives? I don't have an answer, but I will have one tomorrow. Food for thought.

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