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I’ve been to Mildura

Who would have thought? As a person who much prefers plane travel to road travel, Mildura to me has always been the place where you can buy some nice wine from and where most transport companies travel through.

Today, with a Melbourne company hosting me, I have spent the day in downtown Mildura. According to, Mildura is renowned for its big skies, rich earth and welcoming locals and I can attest to that.

On a day with perfect weather and the biggest skies I have ever seen, I am travelling to all the hot spots.

I have spent the morning at the Mildura Homemaker Centre which is conveniently located close to the city centre and sells all the best furniture, electronic goods and general homemaking products. It also boasts the best gym in the entire city of Mildura with Fit Mildura where the general manager Beck and her new counterpart, Corey, run a very slick operation with all the latest equipment and some of the best programs I have ever seen.

Whether it was walking through Retravision or through Dollar Curtains, I was amazed with how friendly everyone is.

The Mildura Homemaker Centre has many of the top brands including Lincraft, Fantastic Furniture, Sleep City, Everyday Living, Nick Scali, Bev Markszzz Australia and there is McDonalds just across the street. Perfect for any family wishing to pop out for a spot of shopping on the weekend with the kids.

Marketing businesses in Mildura is very traditional with few companies understanding new media. They all use the local television station and everyone has their production done by the same company Admedia. It looks like they have a captivated market.

One company I spoke to had the local massage woman do their marketing – which is incredibly scary.

Today has been incredibly enjoyable and I would definately one day like to open Marketing Eye Mildura. I believe that the companies here could do with some quality marketing advice.

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