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How to Turn Prospects Into Leads Using Social Media

One thing every business has in common is the need for customers. Even if you have the next big idea, sometimes striking up that first initial connection with potential customers is a difficult challenge.

Lead generation is important because it helps show an organic interest in your business. There are many ways to convert information seekers just passing through into leads -you can develop a call-to-action, create a landing page, or even implement a thank you page.

However, in order to create a lead, you have to capture a person's interest at some point in their buyer's process.

Keep these tips in mind when trying to convert prospects into leads using social media:

Find out what platforms your customers are using:
-create a poll and ask your network which social media sites they spend the most time visiting
-analyze which of your channels gets the most engagement
-if you can’t have a direct conversation with your audience, survey a purchased audience through SurveyMonkey, Forms, or SurveyGizmo
-take a look at where your competitors are posting, where are they getting the most engagement?
-do a keyword search to get an idea of other content shared on a particular topic

Optimize and personalize and customize:
-74% of marketers say personalization has a high impact on engagement, but only 19% do it
-when creating a social media campaign, make sure you are matching the keywords in your landing page with the copy in your posts
-create segments to personalize content- Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have the capability for extremely targeted ads, making sure your content is distributed to the right people.
-67% of users are more likely to purchase a product or a service from a mobile-friendly website
-customized emails improve click-through rates by 14% and conversation rates by 10%

Integrate social data with CRM:
-platforms like SalesForce allow you to upload leads from social media. Keep notes updated so that your sales team is always on their A-game.
-connect with new leads as fast as possible- the odds of qualifying a lead are 21x better if you call them within 5 minutes.
-Research also shows that 35-50% of sales go to the business that responds to the lead first.

Whether prospects are just doing research or ready to make a purchase, your social media content needs to draw some kind of engagement and your sales team needs to be prepared to start the conversation. If you need help generating leads for your business, contact the executives at Marketing Eye today for more information.

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