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How to Make Your Brand Messaging Stick

Consumers are flooded with over 10,000 advertisements per day. In the time of information overload, how do you make your brand stand out from the crowd?


Smart businesses know that a big part of their marketing strategy should be digital. Consumers and businesses are constantly online, with almost 8 in 10 people using social media and over a third of us checking it more than five times a day. With our brain processing an abundance of information daily, our mental filters are on overdrive. As marketers, we need to tackle the problem of how we get our posts to remain in the minds of our audience? Marketing strategy is key, however, that is easier said than done. Marketing consultants offer great insight into strategies and tools to help your business achieve a tailored solution.

Marketing Strategy

An effective marketing strategy does not need to be difficult. It is just a plan of action to reach your goal objective. The hardest part of a marketing strategy is getting started. So how do you set your business up for online success?

Customer Profile

First things first, determining your ideal customer profile. Identifying your ideal customer profile is key when building a successful and targeted marketing campaign. This means you need as much specific information as possible. Creating a strategy for one specific profile will enable the best results, don’t go too broad as it is easier to create relevant, engaging content for a specific audience. Don’t make the mistake that many businesses do of skipping this step and jumping directly into different marketing channels.


Websites make a strong impression. How many times have you left a website because its set out was confusing or it didn’t look professional? Your website is often what your customers see first and is, therefore, a vital part of your marketing strategy, not to be overlooked. What you look for in a website is probably the same as what your clients look for. For me, this is a professional and mobile-friendly design that is easy to understand, as well as a quick loading speed. The average person only waits around 3 seconds for something to load before leaving the page!

Social Media                                      

The website is often the first point of contact, however, this is expanding to Instagram and Facebook. It is necessary to identify what form of social media is the most profitable. Where does the majority of your audience engage? This is where you should be putting the time and money. Creating content for these platforms are vital. Look at your target market, what are they into? What will gain their attention? Focus on this to get your message across. Keep it real, relevant and catchy, while building a recognizable brand identity.

Strategies are ever changing due to trial and error and with developing technologies. Don’t make the mistake of creating a strategy with a fixed mindset, maneuverability is important. If you feel out of your depth, or your strategies do not seem to work, consider a marketing consultant.

Marketing Consultancy

Marketing consultants offer an honest, outside perspective without bias. They are there to review, create and implement effective and tailored marketing strategies to fit your business. With a range of expertise, consultants are well versed in the latest marketing tools and technology, working quickly and efficiently to deliver effective, metric-driven campaigns.

Consumers are thirsty for information. However, as we are exposed to 10,00 brand messages per day, it is hard to make an impression. Relevant content is vital. External consulting companies do this daily and know the best way to create engaging content for your audience. By monitoring results, adjusting strategies and investing time solely on your marketing campaigns, it won’t take long to see results, whether it be increased website traffic or more likes on your Instagram page.

Marketing consultants can infuse your business with new, innovative ideas, strategic insights, and significant results, making your content stick to the minds of your audience. Not to mention it saves your time and resources!

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