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How To Keep Your Business Cards Out Of The Graveyard

Business cards. Easy, simple, and one of the best ways to gain new clients. Think about the last time you gave a potential client your business card. What did the client look like? What sort-of help were they looking for? Where did you meet? A restaurant? A convention? Maybe in line at a coffee shop? These questions may seem trivial, but they can actually mean the difference between gaining and losing a new client.

A business card graveyard is that dreaded place where your information goes to never be seen again. Everyone has one. It’s that ever expanding slot in your wallet, that small pile on the washing machine, the small compartment in your car, the bottom of a purse or briefcase, or the pocket of your favorite sport jacket. So, how do you make sure potential clients actually use your business card?

1. Establish A Relationship
Remember when I asked about the last time you gave a potential client your business card? That’s because if you don’t establish a connection with your prospect right away, you’ll be forgotten. When you strike up a conversation, make sure to keep a mental note of your surroundings and remember what it was about that person that intrigued you. Also, if you find you that share a connection that runs deeper than business, talk about it.

2. Take Their Business Card
Such a simple step, but so easily forgotten. It’s commonly assumed that when we give our business cards to prospects, they’ll contact us if they really want to. That assumption is wrong. Business cards can easily be lost, accidentally trashed, or go for a fatal spin in the washing machine, so, when you give a prospect your business card, make sure you take theirs as well.

3. Design A Card That Stands Out
Yet another simple step, but one that’s incredibly crucial. In the same way that no one wants a boring business card, no one wants to throw away a really nice one. Not only will you stand out from competitors, you’ll be easy to remember. Make sure your business cards are professionally designed by a graphic designer and professionally printed.

4. Follow Up
So you’ve achieved the first three steps, now all that’s left for you to do is contact them. Communicating ensures that prospects will keep your business card. Why? They might need to call you back, they might need to email you, or, best of all, they might need your services. Often, even after you’ve developed a strong enough relationship in which they store your contact information, they still might hold on to the business card to give to a friend.

It’s no longer enough to have just a business card. You need an email signature, an effective website, and portfolio and much more that is easy for prospects to access.

Take your business cards seriously. They’re a reflection of both you and your company. There’s a reason why, even with all of today’s technological advances, people still use them. Business cards remain one the best ways to both gain new clients, and market your business.

If your firm needs help with designing business cards or communicating effectively with leads, feel free to call the Marketing Eye Atlanta office at 404-626-8070, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Written by a Marketing Eye Atlanta Intern Zoe Haynes

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