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How to 'In-sight-pool' followers on Twitter

Devon Wijesinghe is the energetic CEO of audience cultivation and conversion platform, Insightpool, an invaluable tool for large scale marketing campaigns. The company derives from the need for businesses to cultivate leads through social media engagement, and to maximize the investment of time, resources and money on existing social media engagement strategies.

Both a B2B and B2C solution, Insightpool predicts high quality leads that will directly impact your bottom line. It gives marketers the ability to connect directly with a target audience online and source the most influential people in that demographic to start a conversation with and ultimately connect and nurture leads all the way to a sale.

As I sat through a demonstration yesterday, I was amazed at the ability of the software and its scope to directly scrape connections that are influential and generate leads through conversation. Insightpool's predictive nature of software capitalizes on understanding the customer in depth, something which is available to some degree with other technologies, but not yet in the current form of Insightpool's ability to capture data, analytics and influencer profiles across all social media platforms in one clear swoop.

With Marketing Eye's 49,000 followers on Twitter (marketingeyeus and marketingeyeaus) of which 97% are authentic followers (check out, we did a quick search for the 'right leads' on Twitter for Marketing Eye in Atlanta. We found 5,203 CEOs in Atlanta and 241,140 on Twitter in total. This gave us an indication of how big our audience is in Atlanta and nationwide, and what type of communications are required, along with connections, to capitalize on their activity through Twitter as a social media platform.

Marketing Eye, through this clear snapshot of who to directly start communicating with, and a list of what topics they are interested in, is now able to start leveraging our social media presence and investment in Twitter. We were able to quickly identify from the topics what type of conversation would engage the CEOs that we want to do business with. 

Insightpool was able to look deeply into those CEO's social behaviors and predict out of the list who we should actually engage with.

Steps to 'pooling' strong leads:

  • Auto stagger key touch points according to how active a lead is. For example, if a lead is more active between 8am and 9am, then communications would be sent at that time, rather than at a time that they are less likely to be online.
  • Build awareness and let your lead know who you are. At this point, you may choose to share blogs that directly relate to the lead and your own business.
  • When you have credibility with the lead, start talking to them one-on-one in an authentic manner.
  • Use Insightpool to do AB testing of messages to work out which messages are most effective, then tailor the message accordingly.

Insightpool's software is inexpensive compared to the results that it achieves. Famous Footwear used their software to sell more than $93,000 of product through social media within weeks.

What is unique, and somewhat harder to establish in marketing is that Insightpool is able to directly quantify how many sales are derived from using their software, and capture the best path to sourcing, nurturing and engaging prospects all the way to a sale. They take the communications to a level that would need to be manually established in any other social media campaign and turn it into a truly digital move.

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