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How to get your marketing team working at an optimum performance

Wow! I mean wow! I just arrived in the office in Atlanta and I am completely and utterly amazed at the talent and sheer determination of our Marketing Eye team in Atlanta.

They are not only the best looking team in all of Atlanta, they are also the smarter and most competent.

Who would have thought that they could put together a team like this all by themselves and start running the business like I always dreamed it would be run.

Atlanta is not a hard place to do business, but it is extremely difficult to find the right people. I am sure most entrepreneurs would agree.

But somehow, this amazingly creative and inspiring team who can't stop smiling is making it happen. We are setting some firm goals for the rest of the year that they have to achieve and no doubt they will achieve these with ease.

Most importantly, their number one goal is to make clients very happy. Our marketing strategies are second to none, but it's also how a marketing strategy is executed that determines just how successful your year is going to become.

So, what I am doing to help this team perform better:

  • Inspire them to be themselves and be as authentic to who they are as possible
  • Laugh alot and never take anything too seriously
  • Share the company vision and where the company is heading over the next 5 years
  • Encourage collaboration and constructive feedback
  • Don't be afraid to share an idea even though it might not be the right one
  • Celebrate big wins and continue to focus on building the ultimate marketing culture.
Performance is about people having the competencies to do their jobs and then being engaged enough to what to do it at the highest level.

This team is killing it! I love working in Atlanta.

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