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How To Be the Lady Gaga Of Your Industry

One of the most important things we all strive for in the business world is standing out from the crowd. We want our audience to be able to differentiate us from the competition and, well, we want to be Lady Gaga. Let’s face it, we may not want to wear meat to corporate events but we want to be memorable and instantly recognizable. Lady Gaga has refined that skill to a tee. Here is what you can learn from her:

Don’t Underestimate the Name

The name of your company is crucial for standing out. Regardless of your industry, the name of your company should be unique, yet not too complicated to remember. For example, Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Germanotta… already unique. But not so easy to remember. This is why Lady Gaga is the perfect alias - the baby sound “gaga” is unique yet simple. Similarly, you don’t want your company name to be too generic like, “Marketing Inc.” but you also don’t want it to get too complicated with a name like, “World Renowned Marketing of Brand and Innovative Technology Inc.” Pick a name that has the best of both worlds.

Have Multiple Talents

Although your company likely has a certain industry and focus, that does not mean that you must be limited to one talent. Lady Gaga demonstrates this philosophy as she is a musical artist and essentially an abstract artist at the same time with her wild look. Oh, and did I mention she also participates in LGBT right initiatives? All of these qualities make her out to be a multi-faceted artist. So why be good at only one thing? Knowing more than one language, having experience in more than one field, and generally knowing more ways to make the customer’s life easier is invaluable for differentiating your brand.

Lady Gaga

Have a Specific Meta Description on Google

Your company website needs to have a meta description that is an easy, ACCURATE representation of what you do. Rather than breaking out your fancy adjectives and taglines, you are better off with a plain and clear explanation of your business in the meta description. If you Google “Lady Gaga”, you will find her official website’s meta description says, “American pop singer and songwriter.” Welp, that pretty much sums it up. And that is what consumers are looking for when skimming the page.

Never estimate the importance of the little things

The finer details often make up the bigger picture. Lady Gaga is an expert at paying attention to detail: not only does she have dynamite outfits but she makes sure that she has eyebrows to match.

Lady Gaga

In the same way, it is important to never lose sight of the “eyebrows” in your business. Add a personal touch to interactions with clients, partners, other businesses, or customers as much as you can. Something as small as a personal attention to a customer complaint can go a long way in helping your brand stand out.

Hire Diverse People

Sometimes the best way to make your business stand out is to ensure that you are surrounded by people that think differently than you. Lady Gaga likely has a “think-out-of-the-box” crew that helps her with her outfits, dance moves, and sound. That’s how she has managed to be such a unique artist. Make sure that everyone on your team brings something different to the table - this will ultimately bring out many unique qualities in your business.

Whether you are performing with Pitbull or selling healthcare equipment, it is important to stand out in your industry. Take another look at your operations and channel Lady Gaga.

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