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How SEO Plays a Role in Marketing Performance

In 2019, it is becoming harder and harder to stay relevant and competitive in any industry. There are so many companies and products available, and they are all doing great things. You need to be able to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack to survive. Search engine optimization is a great strategy to not only maximize the visits to your website, but it can also keep your efforts relevant and competitive in a saturated market.


  1. Increased Traffic

Utilizing SEO tactics can boost your website’s visibility to the top of a search page which will more than likely increase your page traffic. Those top spots in a search engine generate the most clicks because they are perceived as the most relevant to any particular search. Think of it like this… If you Google restaurants in your area, you are more likely to stick with the results at the top of the page as opposed to scrolling to the bottom. You certainly wouldn’t move very far past the first page of results, if at all. You want your company to be the first thing that people see in a search engine.

  1. User-Friendly

On-page optimization takes measures to change content and HTML on your website to not only make it more accessible to the average user, but also the search engine itself. This will usually restructure your site and rearrange your links to make it more navigable overall. Once the information on your website becomes easier to find, it will increase the chances that users will return to your site after the first visit. There’s no need to make it harder for your audience to find the desired information!


  1. Increased awareness

Once you have managed to increase traffic and make your site more user-friendly, you will begin to increase your brand awareness. Ideally, once people start to visit and interact with your site, they will share the good news of what you have to offer. Your brand will begin to be associated with the keywords that are put into the search engine in the first place! People will trust a brand that is considered a leader in their field, and an increased brand awareness is the best way to establish that trust with your growing audience.


Search engine optimization is a must for any marketing team, whether you are working with an emerging brand or a more established brand. Utilizing this process will not only give you better results, but it will make you a better marketer!

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