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How Often Do You Network?

Do you network with industry leaders?

If you are a business struggling to get leads and you answered “never” to the above question then you are in for a big surprise.

Networking is an easy way to learn what people in your industry are doing and communicate with them to see what isn’t working and what is working. Loosen up, make friends and ask the tough business questions that have been haunting you. Networking is meant to help advance you and your business growth.

However, some businesses and companies may feel like networking is a waste of their time. This is where those companies are wrong. Did you know that “only 7% of clients find their next agency after that company has reached out to them”?

Shocking statistic right?

Well let’s think about it for a second... In this day in age where everyone is trying to sell you something, how are you going to know if that product or service they are offering is legit? The answer is simple, you aren’t. Now if your friend, acquaintance, coworker,  business partner or anyone for that matter recommended said product or service, you would highly consider that product or service over anything else.

People who are referred are more open to hearing what you have offer to it’s full entity. Why? Because psychologically they developed a sense of trust with your product or service when they were referred.

So get out there and network! It’s a fun and great way to make strong business connections and gain new clients. Remember, if you are shy, don’t be. Everyone there is in the same boat and a little uneasy at first. If you are a little uncomfortable at a networking event, 9 times out of 10 there are alcoholic drinks provided to help you break down that wall. Just remember don’t drink more than 2 drinks! You are still at a professional event and one drunken mishap can ruin your classy reputation.

Now go out there and make some connections!

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