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How Marketers Can Impress CEO's

Interacting with your CEO can be stressful sometimes. Whether they are an easy person to talk to or not, it’s understandable to get a flustered around them now and then. Impressing them is a whole different thing entirely! Of course, you want to do well at your job, and a good relationship with your CEO is a vital part of that. But how do you go about impressing your CEO, someone who has likely seen every different approach to any given problem? Below, we have five steps to show your CEO that you have the initiative to perform and produce results.



  1. Conduct a Content Audit

A content audit is a crucial deep dive into your content marketing strategy. With an audit, you can analyze your existing content for how quality and effectiveness. There are a lot of things to consider, but most importantly you need to determine what kind of content your company has created. After you have deduced what exactly you are working with, consider the following questions:

  • Is it accurate?
  • Is it relevant?
  • Are people using it?
  • Does it support our mission?
  • What can we add?


  1. Create a Marketing Plan

Did you find problems with your existing content? That’s great! Turn those problems into an opportunity and fix them with a marketing plan. Constructing a marketing plan is an incredible way to show your CEO that you recognize the issues that are present in your content AND that you have plans to fix them. Outline your goals, target personas, ideas for future and better content, types of content that you want to produce and how you are going to distribute that content. Putting together this plan will show your CEO that you are not just able to do your job, but you can produce results and implement positive change.


  1. Track Your Results

Once you have implemented some of your strategies, your CEO will want to see how things are working. You need proof of your plan’s effectiveness, so you can track your results and provide reports on the successes and challenges of your plan. This will keep your boss in the loop of your process, but it also doesn’t make them ask what is going on. If your strategies are working, don’t be afraid to brag on yourself a little bit! If not, be honest and provide a contingency plan.


  1. Stay One Step Ahead

Keeping track of your industry trends and staying ahead of the game is a great quality in a marketer! Our industry is always evolving, with new technologies emerging right when we master the old ones. But keeping yourself in tune with these changes and how you can implement them in your strategies will certainly keep your boss very happy.


  1. Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate

Your ability to collaborate will make or break you. There are plenty of different departments covering different areas in your organization, and the only way to succeed is to effectively marry your efforts with that of everyone around you. We all work better as a team! Showing that you can collaborate and even let others succeed could also demonstrate your leadership skills, which is an important asset for your boss to see.

Above all, just recognize that your CEO wants you to work hard and believe in the company. You are there to promote and sing the praises of your organization and putting in the effort is only half the battle. Give them a reason to believe in you, be nice and get things done.

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