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How can marketing automation help your business?

Yesterday, I spoke at Cebit 2014 on sales process automation.

It was an interesting topic because so many Australian companies have yet to realise just how much more efficient their sales process can be through sales automation and the ROI in terms of revenue acquired because of having an effective sales process automation system in place.

Collaborating CRM, marketing automation, workflow automation and email marketing, sales process automation is one of the most important areas for businesses to focus on in 2014. 

Not only will they:

1. Make sales representatives more efficient
2. Provide managers with better insight into the sales staff's activities
3. Provide visibility into the sales process for other parts of the business
4. Ensure that marketing is providing the forum for sales to occur

but you will see a huge spike in customers and revenue.

Just by implementing a marketing automation system in their business, Australian company Upskilled, an early adopter of marketing automation, increased their customer base by 46% to 54,000 contacts in 6 months, directly attributed to its segmented, customisable and automated email campaign capabilities (source: Most importantly, revenue generated by emails doubled within 6 months.

As I presented on sales automation, I asked for the audience to show me how many of them used marketing automation. The result, one person's company. I suspect from my discussions afterwards, many companies are still unfamiliar as to what marketing automation is and its value.

Sales automation is a hot topic, not quite as much of a buzz word as its support team in marketing automation, but nevertheless, very significant for companies wanting to get their sales process right and increase revenue and efficiencies.

There are many advantages of sales automation:
  • Shortened sales cycle
  • Scientific monitoring of data
  • Up to date information
  • Cross checking of data

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  • Zachary Mathis
    Zachary Mathis
    13 May 2014

    Wow. Wonderful insight on what more and more companies should be looking into implementing (especially for start-up, stand-alone companies) for a much faster growth. Fantastic post!