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How B2B Marketing Has Changed

The way that we market our businesses will always be evolving. In the last few years, B2B marketing has drastically evolved as the buyers have more access to more information. Years ago, people were attracted by ads for a product, which generated interest in that product. So, they would go and purchase that product based on the information they were given. Now, people have access to all the information that they could ever need, so the buying journey has changed. It’s less of a linear journey and more of a collection of moments that will influence the purchase of a product. Because of this, marketing must evolve. Below are four great strategies that your B2B marketing team should embrace in their processes.


Content Marketing

Companies are now building content to guide the buyer on every step of their purchasing journey. Content builds brand awareness, establishes trustworthiness, improves visibility and even helps nurture a sense of loyalty from the customer relationship. This can range anywhere from weekly blogs, newsletters, social media, content on the website to videos and graphics. With whatever content you create, you are representing and building your brand. Content is one of the greatest ways to ensure


Search Engine Optimization

One of the best ways that people will discover your brand is through a search engine. To understand how people are seeing your website through an internet search, you first need to understand how a search engine works. With search engine optimization strategies, you can modify and strengthen the content on your website to increase and strengthen your visibility in an internet search. Good content yields better search results in a search engine.


Social Media

Businesses have used social media for years, and it has certainly contributed to the change in B2B marketing. Social accounts for businesses can be used to build and foster relationships with clients and potential leads, as well as share the stories and all of the created content. For your business social accounts, it’s important to understand which segments of your audience is using which platform. For instance, Instagram caters to a much younger demographic as opposed to the older groups on Facebook.


Data is crucial to our marketing processes because numbers don’t lie. With data, you can identify how other successful companies are marketing their products and services, which will make your job much, much easier. Additionally, data can tell you how your processes are working and what doesn’t work. Data is used to educate and inform ourselves about our processes.

Buyer trends are only going to shift more and more towards digital avenues, we need to be ready to meet the buyer where they are at. If you are still holding on to older practices that aren’t working, consider changing your approach! Evolving our approach is the only way to move forward.

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