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Hey Marketers, Step Your Game Up!

“Success doesn’t just come and find you. You have to go out and get it.” –Kushandwizdom.

Marketing is evolving and changing everyday. We at Marketing Eye can’t stress enough about how it is important it is to keep educating yourself as a marketer. It is especially important in this new age with technology popping up left and right, and rising generations that are driven solely by the digital universe. We understand the challenge and we want to help you, so below are a few ways to help you step your game up as a certified badass marketer.

1.Get Google Analytics Certified

Sure you understand it and use it everyday, but there may be more to it than you ever realized. Getting certified will teach you more than just understanding the basics of tracking conversions. It will teach you how to actually set up an analytics account and what account to set up depending on the business. Also, having that Google certificate badge on your LinkedIn makes you more credible when seeking out new business opportunities. Remember buyers are more educated than ever and if businesses are seeking your marketing help then you are a product and you will be stalked.

2.Get Google AdWords Certified

Just like Google Analytics there is more to AdWords than just surface level features. Google adwords is a very tricky platform, it’s not a cookie cutter by any means and the algorithm is constantly changing. I went to an AdWords refresher course the other week and the guy teaching it laughed out loud saying that just a year ago his presentation was completely different! Google is constantly updating its platform/taking things away/ adding new features. Meaning that in order to fully take advantage of the platform, it is very important to stay up on the latest AdWords updates. Too many times people blame their campaign failure on AdWords, but truth be told, the failure is most likely due to persons lack of knowledge.

3. Go to Networking Events

This is an easy way to learn what people in your industry are doing and communicate with them to see what isn’t working for them and to see what is working for them. If you are shy, don’t be. Everyone there is in the same boat and a little uneasy at first. If you are a little uncomfortable at a networking event, 9 times out of 10 there are alcoholic drinks provided to help you break down that wall. Just remember no more than 2 drinks! You are still at a professional event and one drunken mishap can ruin your reputation.

4. Become a Member of Marketing Associations

Most of these marketing associations (for a small fee) will give you access to innovative resources and tools, provide opportunities to get involved in leadership positions, discounts on conference events, marketing training, and professional marketing certifications. However, If you are looking to be a part of a free marketing group, is awesome! It’s a online marketplace where marketers go to interact and learn from other marketers from the comfort of their computer-no awkward smiles or handshakes needed.

5. Get Active on LinkedIn

On LinkedIn there are so many ways to learn more about your industry sector just by connecting with people and becoming active in industry groups. People are always sharing content, asking questions, and providing feedback. Also, as I stated in the first point, buyers are more educated than ever, so it is important to keep your LinkedIn fully optimized with previous job experience, skills, and certificates. The more sections filled the better. People will deem you more credible as a marketer if you have a shiny, spruced up LinkedIn profile.

Marketing Eye wants to know, what are some ways you stay on top of your marketing game?

Please comment your answers below.

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