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Have you gone viral?

Viral marketing is getting harder and harder as the web community grows more and more cynical. Being an elusive spread of a message through the population likened to contagion, Viral Marketing can either hit everyone or no-one at all.

Whilst there have been many great successes over time, there has been quadriple that in failures.

If you are thinking about going viral, try this approach;


Treat it like an experiment. It may work, it may not. Use blogs, vlogs, podcasts, widgets, social networks (twitter, facebook, youtube, myspace) and really anything you can get your hands on online.


Use Technorati,, BlogPulse, and PubSub to see what ideas are being shared, and what ideas are taking off.

Pay attention to not only the measurement of the viral,but also what conversations people are having about it, their responses and mashups.


When things take off, they take off!

Be ready to respond, participate and engage.

Don’t take virals too seriously. Have fun with them and learn from your experiences.

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